Why should we have a forum?

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Why should we have a forum?

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:00 am

Hi Everyone,

As we often say, one of the greatest challenges we face in our jobs is finding time to talk. I do not see a solution to this problem at work, so I am hoping that you are interested enough in exchanging ideas that we can make effective use of an online forum. The forum is private and is currently open to K-2 classroom teachers only. Something we can certainly discuss is opening up the forum to others, namely specialists that support K-2. I think a forum like this can work if 1. there is enough interest, 2. we are all active members, 3. we all presume good intentions, and 4. we are honest but polite and respectful in our disagreements. Something I have long felt about public forums is people feel emboldened to make rude and disrespectful comments because they never have to meet the person. Well, we all know where we work!

Please comment on the following:

Do you want to have this forum?
Will you be an active member?
Should the forum include just K-2 classroom teachers?

Thank you,


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